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HD Brows Stylist - Crawley - Sussex
Emma Reed is a freelance hair and makeup artist covering London to Brighton, Surrey and Sussex areas. BEAUTY IS IN THE (MIND’S) EYE OF THE MAKEUP ARTIST "My initial designs start as I withdraw into my imagination. Makeup is still an art, but one where the face becomes the canvas. But like art, sometimes only unstructured, experimental and the impulsive application of makeup produces the most impressive and satisfying results. I may simply be superficial, but in my line of work where I manipulate facial aesthetics – beauty is only skin deep, or where ever my makeup brush takes me. The fashion industry is unique in the sense that traditionally held visions of ‘beauty’ may be disregarded. Since these aesthetic boundaries can be pushed, my role is to remember that now there are no rules. When the rules of beauty are redefined, anything can become the new ‘beautiful’ since beauty is in the (mind’s) eye of the makeup artist." Emma Reed. (Emma Reed is a professional & freelance make-up artist who also tutors in both makeup & hair in London.
She grew up in a world of studios, cameras and film sets, having worked as an actress/model since before she could walk. She can still be found on the stage of a West End theater from time to time, but concentrates on photographic, fashion and editorial makeup.)